Friday, October 13, 2006

Tribute my sister's first born son

This is dedicated to my sister's first born son who died last Sunday morning.

1. Beyond Dreaming

My open heart sleeps
Eyes over your so still form
I see my flowing

2. The Dream

Dreamed a blue Jay lay
Upon curling leaves of brown
Feathers iridescent last May
Now this dreamy blue, just lay
Alchemized into ether today
Sentinel-Jays circled down
Dreamed a golden you did lay
Upon curling leaves of brown

3. Nightmare: The heart is a many chambered muscle

The heart is a muscle
with a needle's pierce
the tissue contracts

One bite into a heart shaped apple
ripped open your infected gums
red to crimson strep spread

Today you lay on a gurney
awaiting your second go ‘under the knife’
family energies circle

Guttered candle wicks upright
we imagine white light, holding
your body as the gift we know it to be

4. My Sister Wakes

When you fade away
My first born son, I will dress
You in memories


Enjah said...

I feel he is happy and safe now ... secure wherever we go after death.

robyn said...

Your perception is a gift.

Did you receive any other gifts from Steve upon his death?