Thursday, August 03, 2006

Oregon the green and fair

My image captured during a blissed out moment in Oregon.


botz said...

your look so darling and fresh. you wore that cumber-bun or hara belt for a long time, many years. do you still?

what year is this?

robyn said...

maybe 1978, my first year of Art School?
I do still have the hara belt but it no longer fits into my wardrobe...loved that shirt.
Life in Oregon was refreshing.
All the biking and rain...god I did love the rain.

Enjah said...

Awww you have that wonderful smile ... I loved the green rounded hills and of course, the Cascades.

botz said...

it was because of you, enjah, that i made oregon my home, when i came to visit! you back in 1975. i have tried to live elsewhere but this is really my home. i love the rain, the mountains, the bike paths, and the great ocean. i have such an amazing community as well.

but i have to admit, it was a bit unnerving when i was awakened by my bed and apartment rattling like a doll's house the other night!!! yikes. o well.